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Swampies - Music

Swampies - Music

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The swamp is humming with life and natural sound. Everything is strumming in harmony.
Ribby, Gator and Newt are playing various instruments. Gator accidentally bumps into an old guitar, which the whole crew misperceives as a person. Wanting to impress the person, the crew tries to get the attention of the person. This gets worse and worse until it starts to throw the natural balance and harmony out of the swamp, everything starts quarreling and falling out until eventually they all get tangled up in the strings of the guitar, it’s at this moment they realise that their friend can actually make music. They look around and see the chaos they created and realise they need to use the guitar to make everything harmonious again.

BiOBUDDi develops safe and educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers. The toy blocks are specially developed for small children to play with. Building with blocks is good for the development of motor, cognitive and creative skills. The set stimulates the educational development of the child. The toy is produced in the Netherlands and is not harmful to the environment. Our toy blocks are specially made by children aged 1.5 to 6 years, made from a side product of the sugar cane production. The blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable and also interchangeable with other brands.

Contains 20 mostly coloured building blocks
9 push-out cards
Manual with information about BiOBUDDi
Age: 1,5 -6

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