Biobuddi - Submarine Playset - Green Network Store UK
Biobuddi - Submarine Playset - Green Network Store UK

Submarine Playset

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There is a whole new world to explore under the ocean with this Submarine Playset, you can make a clownfish, a sea horse and your very own submarine, explore the depths with your new animal friends. The blocks are made from entirely recyclable materials in an 100% carbon neutral process. As well as helping your child develop cognitive and motor skills, this playset comes in complete recyclable packaging with a pamphlet of educational activities. Make your playtime sustainable and eco-friendly with this underwater playset. This set includes:

  • 29 building blocks
  • 1 large background card
  • 2 slot blocks
  • 6 memory game card
  • Pamphlet of educational activities Suitable for age 1.5 to 6 years
  • Compatible with other popular building block brands