Steppe & Swamp Building Blocks

Steppe & Swamp Building Blocks

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Steppe building blocks

Discover the wonders of the steppe alongside with your little one with this Steppe Building Blocks playset. Have fun while building all the animals that can be found in the Steppe, from a giraffe to a moose. You can also let your imagination go wild and build any creations your child wants. Combine them with other animals, the sky is the limit. These blocks are perfect in developing your child's fine motor skills. All blocks are plant-based and 100% recyclable. Set includes:

14 coloured building blocks
2-in-1 model
Multiple manuals
Suitable for ages 1,5 - 6;                                                              

Swamp building blocks

Get lost in the marvels of the sticky swamp. These swamp themed blocks will allow your little one to recreate all the little swamp creatures such as a turtle and a snail. You can also get creative and build other animals or creation. This aids your child's motor skills development. All blocks are made using sugarcane remains making them 100% eco-friendly. Set Includes:

12 coloured building blocks
Multiple manuals
Suitable for ages 1,5 – 6
Combine it with other animals for endless hours of fun!