Snoopy -  Baseball
Snoopy -  Baseball

Snoopy - Baseball

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100% recyclable packaging
The Snoopy Baseball toy consists of 39 parts with different prints on it. You can use the cards to put your favorite characters on the field and the large card on the back of the packaging can be used as a background. You can get the express cards out of the 100% recyclable packaging. The blocks click together easily and are specially developed for children from 1.5 to 6 years old.

Toy blocks BiOBUDDi good for motor development
Letting your son or daughter play with BiOBUDDi’s toy blocks is good for his or her motor development. In addition, you show that you deal responsibly with the environment and the planet. All BiOBUDDi animal toys consist of environmentally friendly, ecological, sustainable material. The toy blocks are made in the Netherlands so that there is a complete overview of the production, and the quality of products can be guaranteed. BiOBUDDi guarantees hours of safe and responsible fun.

The main benefits of Snoopy
Environmentally friendly made from residual sugar cane
Building is good for motor skills and fantasy
100% recyclable packaging
Educational toys
The toy blocks can be combined with blocks from other well-known brands.
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