Snoopy -  American Football
Snoopy -  American Football

Snoopy - American Football

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Build a long time with your son or daughter
The Snoopy American Football toy consists of 38 parts with different prints on the blocks and is made for children from 1.5 to 6 years old. You have hours of fun building the field and the scoreboard. Use the push out cards as a background or as an extra environment to make it even more fun. You can push these push out cards out of the 100% recyclable packaging.

Environmentally friendly toy blocks
All these building blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable and also interchangeable with other brands. All our toy blocks are made from the sugar cane plant, which ensures sustainable toys.

The main advantages of this product:
Environmentally friendly made from sugar cane
It is an educational toy
The building is good for motor skills and fantasy
100% recyclable packaging
The toy blocks can be combined with blocks from other brands.
The blocks are colorful and meet all safety requirements
Combine this set with another Snoopy set
Combine this set with another fantastic set from Snoopy, such as the Snoopy doghouse, Snoopy school, and Snoopy space and experience the most crazy adventures. Increase the fun, difficulty and thus the confidence of a toddler or toddler.