Power Rockers - Fuz
Power Rockers - Fuz

Power Rockers - Fuz

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Power Rocker Fuz

Meet Power Rocker Fuz! Rock on with the mini beat Power Rockers with the New Power Rockers playset from BiOBUDDi. Play now with the famous characters of the American series PowerRockers. These are fun and durable toy blocks for young children from 1.5 to 6 years old.

Create your own cool band

With the BiOBUDDi Power Rockers Carlos playset, you can build Carlos with the 14 building blocks with prints on it and also make your own drum set. If you want to make the whole band you can push the 6 express cards and the background out of the 100% recyclable packaging. There are also 6 slot blocks. Put the express cards and background on the slot blocks to complete everyone in the band.

Environmentally friendly toy blocks

All toy blocks are environmentally friendly, recyclable, sustainable and also interchangeable with other brands. All the building blocks of BiOBUDDi are made from the remains of the sugar cane plant, making it an ecological product. Playing with blocks is good for the motor development of a young child. With BiOBUDDi you show that you treat the planet and the future of the earth responsibly. In addition, BiOBUDDi guarantees hours of safe and responsible for playing fun.

Why the Power Rockers from BiOBUDDi?
Environmentally friendly made from residual sugar cane
Made in the Netherlands
Creating is good for the motor skills and imagination of a young child
100% recyclable packaging
Good for the motor development of a young child.