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Angry Birds - Chuck

Angry Birds - Chuck

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Looking for toys for your 2-year-old? The toy is made for children from 1.5 to 6 years old. The Playset consists of 9 building blocks that you can use to assemble Chuck. There are also 6 express cards that you can push out of the 100% recyclable packaging. You can put this on the 2 slot blocks. This allows you to create your own background where the Angry Birds stand up.

Environmentally friendly toy blocks
All parts in this playset are environmentally friendly and durable. The building blocks are made from the sugar cane plant. BiOBUDDi guarantees quality by closely monitoring and monitoring the production process. That all happens in the Netherlands. Our products are recyclable and safe to play with.

The main advantages of the article
This toy is environmentally friendly, high quality and safe for small children
It is made in the Netherlands
Building with blocks stimulates the motor development of a young child
The packaging is 100% recyclable
The familiar characters appeal to a young child
The building blocks are colored and have different prints
The building blocks can be combined with existing toy blocks from other brands.

Combine this playset with other Angry Birds playsets
Complete your child’s collection with Angry Birds, Chuck. Combine this playset with the other Angry Birds playsets to recreate a real Angry Birds battle.

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